PERFORM Introduction

Welcome to PERFORM!

The PERFORM software has been created to conduct Process Performance Analysis. This is a revolutionary process analysis methodology developed by Michael V. Petrovich.

PERFORM has abilities to create, load, and save data files; perform graphical analysis; and calculates measures of process performance.

See Process Performance Analysis to obtain an overview of the Process Performance Analysis methodology. See Performance Measures for descriptions and calculations of performance measures.

To understand how to create files see Creating Data Files and Data File Layout. See Data Editor Overview to understand the features and operation of the Data Editor.

PERFORM also has the ability to load and save the configuration information, such as titles, specifications and data modifications. See PERFORM Configure Files.

In some situations you may wish to directly enter standard deviations for measurement error, process streams, or potential standard deviations. See User-Set Standard Deviations to see how do this.

Several graphical displays have been included in PERFORM. These include Process Performance Charts, Box & Whisker Plots, histograms, Control Charts, and Frequency Plots. See Graphics Overview for a discussion of these.

PERFORM outputs the numerical results for Process Performance Analysis. See Text Output Form for a discussion of the output.

When you first open PERFORM you will see the Main Form. See Main Form for a description of the features found on this form.

A step-by-step example in this help system takes you through an analysis using PERFORM.

Help is available on each of the Forms found in PERFORM. Simply Press F1 Key, click the Help Speed Button, or select Help on the Menu.

Should you find problems or have suggestion for improvement, please contact us. Do not hesitate to provide feedback. This information is used for continuous improvement of the software.

Have Fun, and Enjoy Using PERFORM!