by Michael V. Petrovich

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MVP Programs is easy-to-use statistical software that users love. These programs complement the more advanced statistical software programs on the market, providing unique and eaiser-to-use analysis. Users love these programs because of their simplicity and usefulness. These programs are widely used in industry and business, as well as the education market.

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MVPstats provides the user with several easy-to-use one- and two-sample tests, graphical analysis, test-statistic calculations, control limit calculations, and much, much, more. You will probably find that you will use this program 80-90% of the time for your statistical analysis requirements.

The latest version of MVPstats is 20120906.

A Beta version of MVPstats is available, Posted 12/20/2018



MVPspc takes the Statistical Process Control Chart and Performance/Capability routines from MVPstats, and puts them in a shareware product. This makes MVPspc great for teaching SPC classes. What makes MVPspc so wonderful? Here are some of the unique features:

  • MVPspc uses simple text file input. Data can be copied and pasted directly from a Spreadsheet into MVPspc.
  • MVPspc can take data structured in dozens of different formats. For example:
    • A variable can be in a single column, where samples can be selected using another variable, a constant sample size, or for use in an individuals chart.
    • Sample data can also be entered in a rows, where each row represents a different sample.
    • Multiple variables can be in multiple columns, or in a single columns with a grouping variable.
  • Control limits may be generated in numerous ways. For example, a Range chart can use the average range, the median range, the average standard deviation, the median standard deviation, the average variance, the average moving range of the ranges, the median moving range of the ranges, the standard deviation of the ranges, or from a know standard deviation. This software is the most flexible to generate control limits -- giving you power that you will not find elsewhere.

The latest version of MVPspc is 20110201.

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PERFORM was created to assist users in Process Performance Analysis (PPA). This software simplifies and enhances conducting the revolutionary process analysis methodology developed by Michael V. Petrovich.

Process Performance Analysis Seminars

The latest version of PERFORM is 20110201.

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