Process Performance Analysis

Process Performance Analysis (PPA) provides a new way to assess processes. This methodology is a revolutionary approach which moves beyond the traditional control and capability analysis. PPA uses performance measures such as Pp, Ppk, and Ppm with analysis to assess performance of a process, determine sources of variation, assess process potential, and determine improvement opportunity. This analysis may be conducted where control may not have been achieved and where a large number of process streams exist.

Performance Analysis for Process Improvement

In May of 1998, a paper was presented by Michael V. Petrovich at the American Society for Quality Congress in Philadelphia, PA. The title of the paper was Performance Analysis for Process Improvement. This paper introduced the concepts of PPA to the general public and was the first presentation of this material outside seminars taught by Luftig & Warren International.

This paper and the presentation slides may be viewed here.

Text: Performance Analysis for Process Improvement

Slides: Performance Analysis for Process Improvement

Strategies for Improvement of Process Control

Achieving high levels of Process Performace requires the implementation of process control methods. You will find below a paper and presentation slides which gives new ways of looking at process control. This presentation was first delivered in April 1999 at Quality Expo International, and later at the National Manufacturing Week in March 2000, both in in Chicago, IL.

Following a brief discussion of what process control means, beyond the traditional definitions found in statistical process control (SPC), this presentation describes an effective approach to improving control of your processes. SPC will is described as one of many tools for the enhancement of process control with its appropriateness and purpose clearly defined. A practical strategy is given to guide your process-control activities, and methods are described for evaluating the effects of those efforts.

Text: Strategies for Improvement of Process Control

Slides: Strategies for Improvement of Process Control


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