Variables Chart Setup Form

The following form is used to configure Variables Control Charts. You can select the Location chart type (X, Mean, Median, or None) and the Dispersion chart type (Range, Moving Range, Standard Deviation, Variance, or None). The method to used to calculate control limits, the centerlines, axis labels, and the number of standard errors to use may be selected. Chart calculations can be divided by sets.

There are various configurations available for the file layout. Subgroups can be in rows, in columns indexed by a sample variable, in columns indexed by a specific point count, or individual values in single columns. In addition, data for several charts can be included in a single file. Charts can be distinguished by being in separate columns or by grouping variables.

The recommended selection order is to select the Location Chart type, then the Dispersion Chart type, and then the Dispersion Limit Calculations. This is because selecting the Dispersion Chart type and Dispersion Limit Calculations automatically change the Location calculations to match. The Location Limits can the be changed if desired.