Capability/Performance & Distribution Analysis - Form

This form will perform Capability Analysis, Performance Analysis, and Distribution Analysis.

Distribution Analysis

This form will allow you to fit you data to the following distributions.

Capability Analysis

When specifications are entered, a distribution fit is selected, and the Capability is checked, the following table will be displayed.

Capability Table

Performance Analysis

When specifications are entered and the Performance is checked, the following table will be displayed.

Performance Table

Capability/Performance & Distribution Analysis Form

Probability Plot

When the Probability Plot tab is selected the following will be displayed.

Capability Performance Probability Plot

When the Linear checkbox is checked the plot will be linearized as follows.

Linear Capability Performance Probability Plot

Distribution Calculations

When the Distribution Calculations button is clicked, the following form will be displayed. This form will display observed and calculated tail-areas, or values for a given proportion.

Capability Performance Probability Plot