Graphics Overview

Several charts are available for examining your data.


histograms provide a display of a data set and show where the values fall. This provides an understanding of the data in terms of shape, spread, and location.


Box & Whisker Plots

Box & Whisker plots provide a display of the Low, High, Q1, Q3, Median, and outlier points in a data set. It is particularly useful at comparing several groups.


Mean Plots

Mean plots are simply plots of the Confidence Intervals of the Means. It is particularly useful at comparing several groups.


Natural Tolerance Plots

Natural Tolerance Plots are plots of the Natural Tolerance, assuming Normality. With the normality assumption, the plot range is the estimated mean plus or minus three standard deviations.


Statistical Process Control Charts

Control charts display data through time and allow evaluation of through-time stability.


Frequency Plots

Frequency Plots display tables of frequencies, relative frequencies, or cumulative frequencies of groups in a data set. This is also useful for making comparisons among multiple groups.