Entering Numbers

Beginning Number Entry

Numbers may be entered by selecting a cell and pressing a number key. This will overwrite the previous cell entry.

The EnterKey or F2Key key will allow you to edit a cell without deleting the contents. The EnterKey key will move first to the next row and then begin editing.

Number Formats

Leading or trailing 0's will be ignored. For example, 0.2 or .20 are equivalent.

Scientific Notation may be used, if needed, in the format 1.0E2 or 1.2E-2.

Editing Keys

Number keys may be used to enter text into data cells for numerical data.

The LeftArrowKey and RightArrowKey keys may be used when entering numbers to move to another position within the number.

Typing numbers within the number string will insert those numbers at the cursor position.

Pressing the DelKey key will erase the cell contents. Pressing the BkspKey key will delete a single character before the cursor.