Measurement Systems Analysis Concepts

Measurement Systems Analysis is intended to determine the performance of a measurement system in regards to measurement error. Measurement Error has nothing to do with calibration except in terms of stability of calibration. Measurement Error deals with the distribution of repeated measures on a single specimen or part Measurement systems must demonstrate:

Measurement System Myths

The measurement system MUST be capable if it:

Measurement Error

Measurement Error



The closeness of agreement (or variability) between individual measurements or test results

Accuracy (Bias)

The difference between the average of the measurement error distribution and the reference value of the specimen measured


The variation in repeated measurements of the same items with a single measurement system Within appraiser/system variation


The variation in the average measurements by different appraisers or systems measuring the same items Between appraiser/system variation


Measurement Error Distribution

Measurement Error Distribution

Measurement Systems Analysis Studies

Potential Studies

Short-term Studies

Long-term Studies