Process If

About Process If

Process If allows the ability to select portions of the data to be used. While Missing Values may be used remove values or ranges of the dependent variable used in calculations, Process If allows the ability to select data based on the value of any variable.

For example, if a variable called "Line" was included in the data file, setting:

Process if Line=1

would perform an analysis only for data when line was equal to 1.

Two Process If equations may be entered. These may both use the same variable or may use different variables.

To Select a Process If Configuration

  1. Select Data|Process If from the menu.
  2. The following form will be displayed. Click items on this picture to see their function.


  3. Select the variables in the Data Variables list and click the Selection Buttons to enter them into the Process If equation.
  4. Select the Operators to be used by clicking the Down Arrow next to the Operator. (“All” selects all values, negating the process if.)
  5. Enter values for the Process If equation.

To Deselect Process If

Any one of the following will deselect Process If.