crosstabs displays the relationship of two variables in a two-way contingency table. A contingency table is a cross-classification of two or more variables. Each cell in the contingency table contains the joint frequencies for the variables A two-way table classifies two variables. The data should be nominal or ordinal for analysis. All combinations of the two variable are displayed. The frequencies are generated for each combination.

The form is very flexible. You may easily collapse columns or rows to combine categories. This is done by simply clicking on the rows or columns and highlighting them. Then right click right-click the mouse and select "Remove Columns" or "Merge Columns" if columns are selected. Select Remove Rows" or "Merge Rows" if rows are selected.

You may use File Data or Manual Entry to enter data into the cells. In manual mode, you simply select the number of columns or rows for the table.

crosstabs Graph

Several statistics are available to analyze the data in the table. These include: Chi-Square, Phi/Cramer's V, Lambda (Column Dependent), Fisher's Exact Test (2x2), McNemar's Test/Symmetry Test, and kappa.

Clicking the Graph tab will display a 3-dimensional bar chart of the data.

crosstabs Form