MVP Framework

A Website Development Framework

The MVP Framework is a PHP-based website development and management framework with a content management system.

Lightweight and Flexible

The MVP Framework is lightweight, easily configurable, and very flexible. In fact, the entire system is less than the size of standard Javascript libraries. TinyMCE, the Javascript HTML editor, is larger.

Example Site Files72K
Admin System391K

A Framework for Developers

This framework is specifically targeted toward developers, allowing a flexibility far beyond common content management systems. The controller of a standard site is only about 30 lines long. Adding simple modifications will allow an incredible amount of flexibility.


  • Small Size
  • No database is required, uses the file system
  • Multiple “sites” can be on one domain. Simply create a new folder and load the folder with a new controller, content, and configuration files. Then use a common library.
  • Creating pages is simple, because you only need to worry about the content for that page
  • Standard HTML templates are used with codes used to swap in content
  • The standard controller is only 30 lines, and is very easy to modify. For example, add translations, create virtual pages, add classes, add special content, etc.
  • A complete CMS is included which allows you to edit a site from anywhere
  • The system was developed for programmers, and makes it easy to use PHP within page content, add helper files, or include classes.
  • Uses mod_rewrite, which gives increased security, and does not require extensions on file names, and gives flexible query strings. Query strings can use ‘;’ delimiters and do not require a ‘?’
  • File archive system is built in
  • Easy to create, copy, or delete pages
  • Using ‘/AJAX/filename’ flags the system to know a page is called in AJAX mode
  • ‘P-filename’ flags the system to know that you want a print version of a page
  • Site-wide templates may be used, or each page may use its own template


MVP Framework